Volunteers are a trained group people who selflessly devote some of their time each year to support the hospital staff and patients.

They are a very important part of hospital life and make a difference providing a special human connection that often eases the stress for patients and families going through some very difficult times.


They work alongside healthcare professionals, help in clinical and non-clinical areas, and support the Hospital’s mission to care for not just the patient, but the entire family.



This role is working directly with patients, supporting emotionally or practically, guiding, keeping company and chatting to parents and families.

Volunteers must be mature, enthusiastic, caring and reliable. They need to demonstrate initiative, independence, and problem solving skills and must be able to interact and engage with children of all ages and teenagers.

Our volunteers are specifically trained to work in a hospital environment. They help the medical teams care for the families with children hospitalized in the Paediatric Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neuro-Radiology, Oncology and ICU Unites and they are required to spend 2 hours a week at the hospital



This team organises and runs the monthly “OSCAR’S ANGELS’ BREAKFAST” for the patients, the families and the staff of the Paediatric Neurology Unit.




The Volunteer assists the Paediatric Neurosurgery Operating & Recovery Room Staff with the patient and families before and after surgery.

Volunteers liaise between patients, families and clinical staff and offer respite/relief to caregivers and one on one care to patients.

They provide emotional support and will lend a listening ear and a supportive heart to family members in need while the child is in surgery.

Oscar’s Angels helped establish the “Parental Presence at Induction of Anesthesia policy” in the Pediatric Neurosurgery Department of the Children’s Hospital of Toulouse. Thanks to this program the day of surgery parents can stay with their child to reduce the anxiety of surgery and one of them is allowed to be present in the OR at the induction of anesthesia.

For more information about our training please contact us directly.