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Who we are

Oscar’s Angels is a non-profit charity that cares and support emotionally and financially families with hospitalized children with brain and spinal tumors and severe neurological problems.

We are present in the Neurosurgery, Neurology, Oncology and ICU Units.

Our mission comes from the personal experience of our founders whose lives were changed forever in 1995 by a tragic drowning accident involving their 6 years old nephew Oscar.

Faced with such a crisis, together with a friend, they created OSCAR’S ANGELS whose aim is to assist, via a social support network, all the families that go through such life-changing experiences, in particular long hospitalizations.



What we do


The illness and hospitalization of a child can be a painful time for both the children and their family.

Aware of all the difficulties they are going through, we provide care and financial support to families of hospitalized and/or disabled children, following a serious illness or an accident with a particular focus on Paediatric Neuro-Oncology.


We created in the Children’s Hospital of Toulouse the first Parent Advocate Program available in France.

Our primary tasks include:

  • Offer on-going daily guidance and emotional support for the families during their hospital stay and all through their child illness.

  • Help them understand complex medical information.

  • Give financial assistance when necessary.

We also help parents deal effectively with the family disruption and turmoil that can result in marital, sibling, and peer conflicts. Oscar’s Angels volunteer can help the family obtain the assistance they need from various members of the psychosocial and paediatric team.

« out of France »


  • To promote advocate parent programs in children’s hospitals around the world

  • To help financially the families of hospitalized children

  • To develop a worldwide network of similar charities in order to improve and share our understanding of the families needs

  • To fund scientific research in Pediatric Neuro-Oncology

  • To assist families with children in palliative care.

With a totally innovative approach, the association has been able to adapt and integrate within the hospital, as well as with families.

Today, OSCAR’S ANGELS is ready to extend its activities beyond the boundaries in order to encourage other charities or hospitals to start similar programs.

In 2012, we presented our work to the “Great Ormond Street Hospital” in London and to the “Boston Children’s Hospital” in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Their appreciation of the help we give to sick children and their families in partnership with the medical teams reinforced our belief that we must carry on so that other families in other hospitals can have the same support.

Oscar’s Angels is supported by grants and donations and is provided at no cost to the family.

Why are we different
Our volunteer is trained to work in a hospital environment and is perfectly integrated in the medical teams.

He/She assists the parents during the diagnostic and therapeutic process and shares with the medical teams all information necessary to care for the family in the best possible way.

This exceptional and innovative new role is being recognized as essential by the medical community in support not only to the families but also to the healthcare staff as it brings them understanding of the emotional stress and needs the families have during these painful experiences.

Oscar’s Angels is also recognized in the hospital community for its experience and unique work with children and families affected by life-threatening illnesses.

An Oscar’s Angels’ volunteer works with the Paediatric Advanced CareTeam (PACT) of the Children Hospital in Toulouse to provide emotional support to families who face the “End-of-Life Care” of their child.

  • Our volunteers are present in the hospital Units daily, for an average of 8 hours a day.

  • Two volunteers are “on call” for emergencies at night and at the weekend.

  • One highly specialized and trained volunteer is “on call” 24/7 to support families with children in Palliative Care.


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